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July 2009

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Roses (Fan Fiction)

Title: Roses.
Rating: R.
Word Count: 341.
Fandom: Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney.
Pairing: Dahlia HawthornexViola Cadaverini.
Genres: Cold, hard smut.
Spoilers: Pretty much every case in Trials and Tribulations, except for Stolen Turnabout.
Warnings: BDSM, blood, femmeslash.
Summary: The tickle of rose petals against eager skin has suddenly become razor-sharp.

A/N: I love pairing Dollie and Vi together but never really wrote anything mega-kinky about them, even if their lovemaking, I think, would more often than not include some sort of BDSM theme. And so, Roses was born.

She watched the frail thing quiver beneath her as the shadow she cast fell across her pallid face and the rose petals dappled on the bed. A smile, sinister but sincere, played across her lips. Her dark eyes slid over the nude body of the trembling creature she loved so much, recognizing her excitement. She knew she couldn't keep her waiting.

Cradling her head like the delicate diamond it was, she lunged for her lips, tongue wriggling down her throat. A weak gurgle sounded from the object of her affections as she felt her return the kiss. Pushing it deeper, she allowed a moan to escape her as the other's tongue licked hers.

Their lips parted almost automatically, a thin string of saliva breaking between them. The deep-set, pleading gaze from her lover that soon followed secretly made her melt. Teeth met the other's neck and sunk in until the sickly-sweet taste of crimson flooded her mouth. Her lovely victim squirmed, whimpering as her skin succumbed to the bite. Tongue teased the fresh wound delicately before pulling away, and she watched as the blood ran down her neck.

Little nibbles made their way down to her small breasts, which she rested her head between affectionately. Feeble arms wrapped around her, quivering hands pressing her head deeper into her lover's chest. She felt the beating of her heart and grinned darkly.

Soft, lustful whispers of each other's names were exchanged as she began to explore, fingertips skimming, lips suckling, teeth nibbling, nails digging. She purred as slender fingers tangled in her hair, sliding against her scalp. The heat between them burned, then ached, then surged as heart rates skyrocketed and breaths shortened.

And before she knew it, the precious body arched upward, a long, sweet sound escaping it.

When it came crashing down to earth, she was the one who held it, the one who stroked its cheek, the one who kissed it before standing and walking toward the bathroom for the first aid kit.